Griffin Armament ATM G19 Threaded Barrel w/Micro Carry Compensator - Gen 5

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Griffin ATM™ (Advanced Threaded Match) Barrels are billet machined from 416R chromium stainless steel to exacting tolerances for the ultimate in drop in match performance.

5 axis machining done in a single work holding positions all critical dimensions on the breech ensuring theoretically perfect geometrical relationship of barrel, slide and locking lug. Chambers are honed and polished to ensure an extremely smooth surface finish and optimal reliability with a wide range of ammunition from training to duty ammo.  Two years of research and testing provided the appropriate knowledge to machine the barrel dimensions for a perfect fitment; providing the best possible accuracy without sacrificing factory reliability.  Designed with concealed carry users in mind, this barrel gives you the utility of accessory and suppressor support while providing uncompromising reliability.   Don't lose confidence in your carry handgun by using sub par components.  

The Micro Carry Comp ( MC²) provides a low signature (resists printing while carrying concealed), fits a wide range of holsters without modification, and provides noticeable recoil reduction for faster more accurate follow up shots with enhanced overall control of the firearm. The Micro Carry Comp's miniature and lightweight package has near zero perceived effect on the handling and storage of the firearm.   

  • 416R Pre- hardened chromium stainless steel for peak accuracy potential through service life
  • Compatible with Glock® G19 Gen 5, G19X,  G45 (9mm)
  • 9mm SAAMI-spec chamber
  • Black Nitride finish resists surface wear & corrosion while providing increased surface hardness
  • ½"-28 threaded muzzle for suppressor or accessory support
  • Target crowned muzzle
  • Honed and polished chambers to ensure reliable function across a broad range of ammo
  • Broach cut rifling for reduced stress and uniformity of the bore 
  • All critical machining done in single work holding for exacting tolerances and manufacturing consistency from batch to batch. 
  • 1:10 twist rate
  • Overall length : 4.550" / with comp : 4.755"
  • Micro Carry Comp torqued to 8ft/lbs
More Information
ManufacturerGriffin Armament
ModelATM G19 Threaded Barrel w/Micro Carry Compensator
FitsGlock 19 Gen 5
Caliber9mm Luger
Barrel Length4.5"
Barrel Type416-R
Twist Rate1:10"
Threaded BarrelYes
Barrel Thread Pitch1/2x28
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