Document Glossary

2nd Amendment Wholesale Inc. is a wholesale firearms distributor selling only to federally licensed dealers and retailers engaged in the business of selling firearm related accessories. As a wholesale distributor selling only to other businesses, before we can approve your account we must verify your business documents.

Required Documents for All Dealers

2nd Amendment Wholesale accepts sales from any retail business that has a valid business license in their State and have a current sales tax document (if applicable). A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is NOT a requirement to purchase from our company. However, a valid & current FFL is required if you wish to purchase firearms. We will sell to a retail business that does not have an FFL so long as a meaningful portion of their sales & inventory are related to sporting goods & firearm accessories.

***Your company needs both of the required documents listed below verified by our staff before you are able to make purchases on our website.***

Sales Tax Document

This document is a required upload at the time of account creation. Some States have an expiration date on this document, so please make sure to upload a current version of this document. If you receive a “Sales Tax Document Expired” email or message from our website, please log into your account and upload a current version of this document. Acceptable documents appear differently depending on which State you operate in. Generally speaking, it is whatever type of certificate or letter that your State sends your business to confirm that you are set-up properly with your State to legally collect sales tax. In most cases, it will list your company’s Sales Tax account number within your State’s sales tax system. Some States won’t be issued this document for various reasons, mostly because their State does not collect retail sales tax (AK, DE, MT, NH, OR). If your business operates in one of the States that doesn’t have retail sales tax or your business does not have anything that resembles a Sales Tax Document from your State then please upload a copy of your Federal EIN form to prove your company’s status as an official business.

Tax Exemption Certificate

We are required to collect a signed & dated Tax Exemption Certificate that specifically names our company as the seller from each retailer we sell product to. With a signed copy of this document on file for your company, it allows us to legally sell product to your business without charging sales tax because the form states that your company is promising to pay any applicable retail sales tax or use tax in your State in accordance with all relevant laws. With a signed copy of this form on file, it exempts our company from any sales tax obligations related to the sale of product from our business to yours and protects us against any attempts from your State trying to collect retail sales tax from our company in that case where your company does not pay your State the full retail sales tax for products sold.

Other Documents

These documents are only required to be on-file & verified if your business wishes to carry certain products that we offer to dealers.

Federal Firearms Document

This document is issued to all federally licensed firearms dealers by the ATF. There are several different kinds of FFL license types and most will satisfy this document requirement, however there are a few that will not (Type 03 FFL & Type 06 FFL). The most common Type 01 FFL will expire every three years so if you receive a “Federal Firearms Document Expired” email or message from our website, please log into your account and upload a current version of this document. We verify all FFL documents on the ATF’s FFL eZ check website on initial upload, with any update and also before shipping out a firearm to ensure the FFL’s authenticity and current validity. Not having a verified & current FFL on-file will prevent your company from adding a firearm to the shopping cart on our website.

SOT Document

This document is optional and only required if you wish to purchase NFA items from our company (such as suppressors, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, etc.). The SOT license is sometimes referred to as a “Class 3” license. SOT must be renewed once each year so if you receive a “SOT Document Expired” email or message from our website, please log into your account and upload a current version of this document. Not having a verified SOT on-file will prevent your company from adding a SOT item (SBR, Suppressor, etc.) to the shopping cart on our website.

Flamethrower Waiver

This document is a liability waiver that releases our company from any liability related to both selling your company the XM42 or XM42-M flamethrower as well as any potential liability related to a sale between your company and the end-consumer. The manufacturer has a blanket liability policy that covers all resellers of the XM42 and XM42-M flamethrowers (contact The Ion Productions Team directly for details about that manufacturer insurance policy). You will still be able to place an online order for a flamethrower without a verified flamethrower waiver on file, however, we will need a signed flamethrower waiver before we can ship any flamethrowers to your business.

California-Only Documents

In California, dealers are subject to additional licensing and restrictions. If you are a dealer operating out of CA, we will need your CFD letter/number in order to ship you firearms. The other two documents below are optional for CA dealers.

Assault Weapons Permit

If your company wants to receive any firearms from us that would be construed by CA State law as an “Assault Weapon” then we will need your Assault Weapons Permit on file before shipping those types of firearms.

Large Capacity Magazine Permit

If your company is located in CA and wants to receive magazines from us that are larger than 10 rounds in capacity then we will need this document on file & verified.

CFD Letter

All dealers located in California with a FFL will have a CFD letter that states your CFD number. We will need that number to legally ship a firearm to your company’s location in CA. We will provide all necessary paperwork in all firearms shipments, including a completed California Firearms License Check (CFLC) paperwork and approvals. We are very experienced with the process of shipping firearms to California dealers.

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